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Adventures in Japan [entries|friends|calendar]
Adventures in Japan

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Yo! [13 Oct 2006|05:46pm]

[ mood | giggly ]

Welcome to Adventures in Japan! The three cool people in charge are me RT - lily_darke4, Wonka - reenaithium;and Neddy - mrsokabe_num_2! This is where we're going to put up our stories about our adventures in Japan, meeting cool people, doing cool things, and who knows what! 

EDIT: It seems there's a misunderstanding... a lot of people are asking for membership, but I guess I didn't really explain what this community is for! We're not actually in Japan...! This is more like, we're just writing stories about it... fanfiction, if you want to call it that! Sorry for the misunderstanding!

And there might be a manga about it too! As soon as Wonka draws it, then we can put it up!

Yeah, so that's it!

Come join, if you think you can take it!

Btw, you'll only be able to see the stories if you're a member! Seems Wonka and Neddy are a little shy about showing their stories to everyone!

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